Worldwide cryptocurrency exchange
Worldwide cryptocurrency exchange platform

Blockchain is believed to bring unprecedented high technological advancement in the history and cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology is disruptive innovation which could also bring many improvements for world. Blockchain technology is applied in not only finance but also medicine and other fields....

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How to exchange cryptocurrency?

After simple registration, you will be able to trade many different cryptocurrencies.

Level 1 verification allows you to deposit and withdraw only cryptocurrencies. You also can exchange any cryptocurrencies on our platforms. Level II verification enable you to exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies such as USD and MNT. Furthermore, you are able to deposit and withdraw fiat currencies.

By simply giving buy/sell orders,

your orders are easily completed.

Your currencies are available to exchange and withdraw right after trades.


We keep user's information secure and safe with our best efforts. We also apply the latest and advanced technology to keep our system secure from attacks.


Depending on levels of verifications, users are able to do both cryptocurrency-only and fiat-crypto exchanges.


We provide services with multi-coins and multi-languages


Easy to use and contents are available in different languages.


Online trading instructions are available in various languages.


Withdraw your money fast and securely to your online bank account after trade made.

Bitcoin is the most traded and it accounts for 25% of the global crypto market.