The verification on has three levels.

LevelVerificationsDo’s and Don’tsPeriod
1Email, phone number and personal informationBitcoin transactions and buy altcoins by bitcoinsRight after your full information is registered
2Passport and address informationTo deposit and withdraw USD, MNT and bitcoinWithin 24 hours
3Occupation and financial informationHigh limits of deposit and withdrawalTime needed to verify information according to AML and KYC policies

When you provide your information to verify the account, the instructions of what documents are necessary, how you send, and register will be given in each level.
Bank account verification

It is applicable for domestic users or users with bank account in Mongolia. This verification is necessary to withdraw your USD and MNT.

Within 24 hours after the customers register the bank account information, we will send small amount of money with verification code to registered bank account. Then, the customers can verify the bank account by entering code.

After we check personal information and bank account, the user account is verified. If information is incorrect or incomplete, please understand that we will not verify the user account.

This verification is not necessary for foreign users. However, foreign users should register correct and complete bank account on their names. We will NOT responsible for loss due to any incorrect or incomplete bank account names and numbers.